6 Halloween Gifts to Get You in the​ Spooky Spirit

I’ll tell you something you’ve probably guessed by now: I’m kind of weird. And by weird, I mean I celebrate Halloween like it’s Christmas.

Okay, maybe not entirely, but while Christmas is the holiday associated with gift-giving, I sort of celebrate the opposite. I like to celebrate gratitude during Christmas, so instead of giving gifts, I appreciate the ones I already have. A lot of people are starting to embrace their spooky side and come to the realization that Halloween is actually a pretty bomb Holiday (even though it’s not Statutory…yet..hah..) In fact, there are plenty of reasons to give gifts during October, especially if you’re into horror and new-agey-witchy-spooky-creepy stuff like me!

In any case, these finds are scary good. No tricks, just treats 😉

Hex Bath Bombs: These gothic bath bombs are so spooky, Satan stopped showering! They turn your bath water the deepest, most incredible colours (there’s even a pitch-black bath bomb if you’re looking to get uber spooky!) I picked some up from the original Belfast store when I was in Ireland two years ago and they have grown to become my favourite bath bombs since. Plus, they don’t stain your skin or tub, and some smell like licorice incense!


Photo courtesy of Hex Bombs 


Crystals: Call me millennial, but I LOVE crystals. There’s something fascinating about the geology and composition of them, plus they’re freaking gorgeous and make an excellent addition to meditation (and help tune into your inner witch). I recently discovered a local Calgary Etsy Shop owner who sells the most beautiful crystals. She runs a boutique shop called My Crystal Towers and every crystal is hand-selected and filled with yoga, reiki and calming energy. I also like to shop for crystals at Earth Gems here in Calgary, especially if I’m looking to buy in bulk or purchase a variety of different gifts.


Photo courtesy of My Crystal Towers


A Talking Chucky Doll: Okay, so I tried to order this a while back when I was living with my mom, but it was hard-pass and her idea of home décor definitely didn’t match up with mine. That being said, now that I’m a qualifying adult, I think it would be wicked cool to have a replica Chucky doll, and this one from Mezco Toys even includes Chucky’s trademark “My name is Chucky” to far more sinister phrases. Plus, each Chucky comes packaged in his own collector-friendly window box based on the original box design seen in the films.


Photo courtesy of Mezco Toys


Satanic Tea: Tea makes a great gift, but Pitch Black North tea makes an even spookier one! Founded in 2017, this Calgary-based company is a purveyor of fine teas brought to you in delightfully sinister fashion. With names like Satan’s Slumber and Throat of Lucifer, you might just want to save this tea for special, “self-care” drinking.


Photo courtesy of Pitch Black North 


Apothecary Wine Labels: Everyone knows a wino, so why not give your wine bottle a Halloween makeover with some haunting wine labels? These ones I found on Esty are very affordable and printed using a high-quality digital print press – voted most likely to look professional and give your friends a quick spook!


Photo courtesy of iCustomWine


Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte Set: This gift is for the BOOgiest ghouls on the street. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what a “Cocotte” is, but Le Crusey wins for most impressive cookware with this pumpkin-inspired set. And for a whopping $260, you can give yourself a quick fright before you purchase it for someone else!


Photo courtesy of Le Crusey


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